Fleetinsight real-time GPS vehicle tracking tools to help you manage your fleet operations

Fleetinsight is designed to provide you with all the fleet management and data analytics tools you’ll ever need.

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    • real-time tracking
    • geo-fence alerts
    • route display
    • comprehensive reporting
    • driver performance tools
    • vehicle management tools
    • mobile Apps
    • mileage expenses management option
    • bespoke and customised solutions

Vehicle Tracking

Always know where your vehicles and drivers are. Live tracking offers an easy way to manage mobile assets efficiently with real-time tracking of your vehicles and drivers and monitoring their location and destination throughout the UK and Continental Europe.

Geo-Fence Alerts

Creating geographic location areas is an essential tool for your daily operations. Know when drivers arrive, when they left, time on site, and total driving time. When a driver leaves or enters a geo-fence the fleet manager will instantly get an e-mail/ SMS notification. Geo-Fencing can be used to measure time spent at client sites, depot arrivals or departures and detect out of hours use of a vehicle.

Route Display

View the trip of the vehicle in detailed view on the map, analyse events that occur at each point, identify where performance is lacking or good, measure distance and speed easily.

Fleetinsight reporting tools

Groups or asset tracking and reporting tools compare and report on the performance of your fleet by individual driver, group, company or depot so you can compare and analyse your business by branch or region. Driver performance can be measured against targets you set. Captured data can be reported on and used for vehicle management by setting mileage based service and administration milestones for comprehensive fleet reporting.
You can select from a range of options to display high-level operational information relating to your fleet and driver performance. The Vehicle Tracking Dashboard delivers key, high-level metrics that can make a significant difference to your bottom line.

Fleetinsight Mobile Apps

Interactive applications that give you access to all information and data on a mobile device. Available on IOS and Android platforms. Be in control of your fleet wherever you are.

        • Google maps for locations
        • Monitoring speed and status of the fleet
        • Trip replays that include full start and end of trip
        • Manage Geo-fences and POI’s
        • Alert notification with regards to Safety, Mechanical, Geographical and start & end trip
        • Weekly dashboard view that includes safety scores, Fuel scores, distance travelled and safety status
        • Managing mileage and expenses capture on the move
        • Driver safety with vehicle walk around checks (coming soon)

james-motex groupauto image“ The Route Efficiency feature allows us to monitor the routes our drivers choose. All our drivers have up to over 90% efficiency rating as a result of implementing Pregem Telematics”

Ian James, Managing Director
Motex, GroupAuto

Bespoke and customised solutions

For many of our customers, one size does not fit all. Unlike many other providers who only supply off the shelf tracking systems, our team are able to customise software to your individual needs and seamlessly integrate it into back office systems.


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Fleetinsight are a FORS accredited supplier of camera safety and vehicle tracking systems for commercial and construction vehicles. Our CCTV technology provides our customers with the most advanced, innovative and reliable camera safety systems on the market. Discounts are available for FORS Members.

FORS (Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme) is a National accreditation scheme that promotes and assures a culture of safety, efficiency and environmental responsibility within vehicle fleet operations.

Driver Development Training

rospa logoPregem uses the findings of Fleetinsight driver behaviour data and partners with RoSPA to deliver industry recognised fleet safety training programmes.


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