Vehicle management

Service and Licensing Alerts
The routine maintenance module allows users to manage the routing and schedule of vehicles using:

  • Manage vehicle maintenance plans with scheduled dates and warnings for servicing, mileage limits, MOT’s, insurance or lease returns
  • Setting a service series based on vehicle make and model
  • Real-time fault code and engine diagnostic alerts (where available from vehicle) and maintenance reports.
  • Power take off alerts
  • Receive an alert via email with a list of vehicles that require immediate or scheduled service

Grey Fleet management
Fleetinsight eases the burden of grey fleet management and compliance. By automating the administrative processes employers can easily monitor:

  • vehicles are legal, roadworthy, taxed and insured for business
  • drivers are licensed and not disqualified
  • identify drivers at greatest risk
  • promote better driving practices
  • to run periodic checks on driver licences
  • ensure grey fleet drivers have the correct business insurance
  • enforce vehicle safety checks

Vehicle activity report
This highly detailed report is generated automatically from the Fleetinsight application. It is sent, by email,in two optional periods – weekly or monthly – and provides information on common events and advice on how to reduce them.

Walk around vehicle check
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Fuel and Emissions report
The data generated by Fleetinsight can provide a benchmark against which reduction targets can be set.

We expect to see government taking steps in future to reduce the more harmful Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions from diesel vehicles. For tracking both CO2 and NOx emissions, Fleetinsight will help analyse these across the entire fleet, by depot, by vehicle type and even down to individual driver by helping you to detect and stop true idling behaviour. Download the DfT Freight Carbon Review 2017.

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