Fleetmiles automated mileage expenses system.

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Fleetmiles isn’t just a mileage tracker. It’s an intuitive system that helps businesses to automate and manage mileage claims and expense records with 100% accuracy.

We’ve been helping accounting teams around the world in airline and transportation for more than 25 years and have drawn on our wealth of experience to create Fleetmiles, an industry leading mileage expenses system for the UK.

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Totally reliable data capture, totally accurate mileage expense records

We use GPS to record your driver’s trips and automatically build their expense claims. No journeys are ever missed, lost, or need to be estimated. Ancillary expenses are captured with the Fleetmiles App and added to a claim.

  • Accurately captures 100% of journeys
  • Generates expense reports using a smartphone, without paper or manual data entry
  • Full claim and approvals process with access control
  • Integrates expenses with your company financial systems
  • Can be combined with fuel card data
  • Allows employees to scan receipts and invoices using a smartphone
  • Does not rely on a dongle or smartphone GPS
  • Driver in control of privacy and private trips
  • Is fully HMRC compliant for Business Records Checks
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The Fleetmiles sytem uses an OBD device with GPS technology to capture and calculate precise locations and actual distances driven. It uses GPS measurements to automatically record routes taken and accurately captures the mileage of each journey.

Drivers can access the cloud-based system via a desktop, or ‘on the go’ using the mobile app to verify automatically logged business journeys. Ancillary expenses can also be added and submitted electronically with receipts captured and uploaded automatically through the Fleetmiles App.

  • One-time self-install, no dongles
  • Fully automatic mileage capture
  • The system is configured to protect drivers' personal data
  • GPS accurately records journeys
  • Simple web interface and mobile Apps for iPhone, Windows and Andriod
  • Substantial time & cost savings compared to paper-based systems
  • Can be easily integrated with other financial systems
  • Accurately captures genuine business mileage
  • Full reporting for HMRC compliant audits
  • Prevent fraudulent mileage claims
  • Not reliant on drivers to implement and control
  • Easy to use for employers and drivers, no learning curve
  • Simple reporting & export of mileage claims for payroll

HMRC Compliance

When HMRC visits an employer’s premises to carry out a Business Records Check, they look to establish that proper records have been kept and tax returns have been completed correctly.

Not paying out more than you need to whilst ensuring that your drivers are being paid the correct amount for their business mileage can be a headache.

The impact of penalties levied if HMRC discovers evidence of discrepancies as a result of inaccurate mileage records can be financially damaging for a business.

Fleetmiles protects your business by allowing you to automate and manage mileage claims and ancillary expenses with 100% accuracy, and ensures you records are HMRC complaint.

Non-reliant on dongles

Systems that rely on dongles or their drivers to manually capture data can be open to abuse. Our simple one-time plug in device stays in place to automatically and accurately record only genuine business mileage.

fleetmiles appFleetmiles App makes life easier for drivers

Take advantage of the only mobile App currently on the market which allows drivers to capture and automatically submit receipts along with mileage claims. This is a unique application and, unlike other systems that rely on GPS, won’t drain the phone battery.

Fuel card Integration

Whatever fuel card(s) you use, Fleetmiles will integrate your billing data with business journeys and calculate a reclaim value for each driver. Audit checks will highlight any discrepancies between fuel purchased and miles driven.

Safeguarding personal data

How to record business journeys accurately is a common area of concern for drivers and staff representatives when introducing a mileage expenses system. Fleetmiles puts the driver in control of their own expense claims. If a journey is private or out of hours the driver simply marks it as ‘private’ ensuring it will not be submitted to, or seen by the company.  Contact us to find out how we’ve helped other customers overcome these hurdles.

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