HR, Health and Safety

Fleetinsight for HR and health and safety

Every company has a duty of care to its employees.
Are you doing everything possible to manage their health, safety and welfare whilst driving for work?
Are you doing enough to manage the risks?

Duty of Care
Are you aware that health and safety law requires you to manage road risk associated with your business? Fleetinsight has tools to help you manage occupational road risk (MORR):

  • identify drivers at greatest risk
  • promote better driving practices through driver training
  • run periodic checks on driver licences
  • ensure grey fleet drivers have the correct business insurance
  • enforce vehicle safety checks
Pregem partners with RoSPA to deliver fleet safety programmes and Driver training and development Courses. To find out more, contact us on 01420 544514.

RoSPA and pregem partnership

Depending on your type of business, vehicle emissions could form a substantial part of your carbon footprint. The first step in managing this is to establish where you are now. The data generated by Fleetinsight can provide a benchmark against which reduction targets can be set.

We expect to see government taking steps in future to reduce the more harmful Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions from diesel vehicles. For tracking both CO2 and NOx emissions, Fleetinsight will help analyse these across the entire fleet, by depot, by vehicle type and even down to individual driver.

Fleet utilisation
If you provide company cars, do you know the ratio of business to private journeys? If you operate a fleet of delivery vehicles, do you know the utilisation rate, could you operate just as efficiently with a smaller fleet? Fleetinsight can provide you with answers to these questions.

Contact us today to discover how Pregem could bring real benefits to your business operations, or alternatively, you can talk to one of our customer services team on 01420 544 514.