Fleet Management Training

For most people driving for work is the most dangerous occupational activity they undertake. Fleet management, or the Management of Occupational Road Risk (MORR™), must therefore be addressed as a mainstream health and safety issue. Make managing your fleet a health and safety priority.

Choose from the following Fleet Management Training courses:

MORR™ Review

The MORR™ (Managment of Occupational Road Risk) Review is the ideal starting point from which to identify any risks the organisation faces, the measures already in place and what further action is needed.

  • The current performance of your fleet
  • The creation of an appropriate vehicle safety policy
  • Resource requirements to implement the systems
  • Planning, setting, measuring and monitoring standards
  • Appropriate interventions to reduce risk and improve effectiveness
  • Vehicle selection and use
  • Operating efficiency
  • Accident and incident reporting procedures
  • Identify the size of accident costs within the organisation
  • Identify and set the standard
  • Measure company performance against the standard and set recommendations

Driver Profiler

Driver Profiler is an online psychometric risk assessment tool that measures attitude towards driving, providing excellent insights into the risk posed by drivers, allowing managers to compare individuals and make decisions on the provision of appropriate training.

This can also be used as an effective recruitment exercise ensuring drivers who are selected fit the required profile. The package, designed by two of the UK’s leading universities, is exclusive to RoSPA.

  • Any organisation operating a fleet of vehicles
  • Any organisation that employs people who drive for work purposes
  • Fleet managers
  • HR managers
  • Training managers
  • Logistics managers
  • The assessment takes around 20 minutes to complete
  • Identifies personal driver information such as accident history, mileage and the type of driving they do
  • Consists of a series statements* regarding driving attitudes - employees select the option that best applies to them
  • The traits measured by the risk assessment are: aggression, alertness, stress, dislike of driving, anticipation, attention, violation, and error
  • Combines measurements of known risk factors concerning driver behaviour and accident risk with psychometric, personality, knowledge, and attitude factors that act as a reliable surrogate measure of driver behaviour Includes a 'consistency checker' to detect inconsistent responses
* Statements were developed through the driving attitude research carried out by Manchester University and Aston University. The online 'Driver profiler' risk assessment tool was developed by RoSPA and is based upon the academic work of Dr Diane Haigney and behavioural experts at Aston and Manchester Universities.


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