Driver performance

Driver performance, or the way a driver behaves behind the wheel can have great impact on the safety and efficiency of a fleet. Our Driver Style report analyses harsh driving and speeding events by driver, group, depot or company with results presented in a league table format. Our Risk Analysis Tools enable trends to be identified over longer periods of time by aggregating data and providing drill-down to more granular levels for managing individual drivers.

Pregem have developed these tools further to provide Smart Reporting. We use algorithms to analyse and interpret the raw data with an emphasis on weighting those events that significantly increase risk. This identifies and builds a risk profile for poor performers. Our driver training services will help improve driving standards and best practice across your business leading to:

  • fewer accidents
  • lower vehicle maintenance costs
  • improved insurance risk

Pregem partners with RoSPA to deliver fleet safety programmes. To find out more, contact us using the link below:

RoSPA and pregem partnership

fleetinsight driver performance


Or call our Customer Service Team to find out how Pregem can help you to improve driver safety  01420 544 514.