Airline Revenue Accounting

In May 2008 IATA bid farewell to the paper ticket in a ceremony in Geneva, announcing 100% adoption of electronic ticketing as the aim to solve all the old airline revenue accounting issues with paper.

  • But 9 years on are you still struggling with manual reconciliations in revenue accounts?
  • Sold not flown report always overstated?
  • Certain departure stations never seem to properly record PAX boarded or coupon usage?
  • Still having to put in manual workarounds even though revenue accounting is provided by one of the big vendors?

You’re not alone, these and many similar concerns keep coming up.

Pregem have been helping airline revenue accounting teams around the world for more than 25 years address these and similar problems. Our ARIES ticket database was one of the most advanced and widely used, and is still in use with airlines today.

Today we offer a wide range of support and development services for revenue accounting including data analysis and process automation as well as a UK APD accounting service.

Pregem airline revenue accounting APD screen

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