Capturing data and turning it into meaningful business information

For those who’d like to know a little more about Pregem – we’ve been helping clients in the transport and logistics sector for over 25 years by capturing data and turning it into meaningful business information. We’re proud to have retained so many long standing customers as we’ve accompanied them on the journey from paper-based to electronic systems.

Pregem began creating data capture solutions for the travel and transportation sectors back in 1984. Initially specialising in software to drive high volume scanners, we became the first company in the UK to develop the technology for an airline ticket scanning system, and this led to an early collaboration with Parcel Line, now part of Interlink Express.

 about pregem timeline

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, the sophisticated logistics and electronic signature systems we know today just didn’t exist.  You signed a paper delivery slip when your parcel arrived and kept one of the carbon copies.  For the carriers this left a large volume of paper to be processed and usually manually entered into a system. In 1987 Pregem launched Parcel-Pro, a system combining high-speed scanners and OCR technology to automate the process and capture an image of the customer signature.  Parcel Line, now part of Interlink Express was the first customer for this.

Our growing expertise in document imaging soon led to an approach from a middle-eastern bank and a collaborative development project soon followed. A custom forms capture solution was built for the bank by Pregem using our ICR technology and a process to validate signatures.

Back in Europe an airline approached Pregem with a view to developing a new system to scan airline tickets.  The only other system available at that time had been developed by NorthWest Airlines together with Arthur Anderson in the US in a multi-million dollar development, a solution beyond the reach of all but the top tier airlines.

A year later Pregem released the first version of its Aries airline ticket scanning suite to the launch customer Aer Lingus in Dublin, a company we’re proud to say are still a customer of ours nearly 20 later!  Aries has been sold to more than 25 airlines around the world including one of the largest global carriers, Delta Airlines in the US who we’re immensely proud to serve.

While the airline business thrived, Pregem continued to expand into other niche areas with its UK based software team, these included:

  •  a standalone OCR engine for airline tickets
  •  a flight data analysis system for the UK CAA
  •  a driver licence system for an East European country
  • a national identity card production & management system for middle eastern country
  • a forms capture and OCR system for large UK based insurer

In 2011 Pregem acquired Corporate Hands Free, a UK mobile technology company and developed a new fleet and asset tracking platform using the latest telemetry and mobile technologies – Fleetinsight was born. With significant investment this has now become one of the most comprehensive fleet management systems in the European market.

As a company Pregem retains that strong innovative desire to its core, always ready to ask, is there a better way? Technology and people may change but the principles of good business practice, an ethical approach and above all, never forgetting the customer is king are still our guiding principles.

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