P11D – What Employers Need to Know

P11D automate now

As the P11D deadline approaches, Employers are reminded not to forget to file their employee’s expenses and benefits data into HMRC by 6th July.
Employers running late will incur a penalty of £300 and face additional fines of up to £60 per day for late reporting.


P11D Deadline – Automate Now

For all those businesses running paper-based systems, trying to accurately capture and report business expenses in time to hit HMRC deadlines can be a time consuming and daunting task.

Fleetmiles is an intuitive system that helps businesses to automate and manage mileage claims and expense records with 100% accuracy.
We use GPS to record your driver’s trips and automatically build their expense claims.

No journeys are ever missed, lost, or need to be estimated. Ancillary expenses are captured with the Fleetmiles App and added to a claim.