fleetinsight, hooper services imagePregem Telematics Route Tracking ensures safety and service targets are met for Hooper Services



Hooper Services Ltd are a well known supplier in Hampshire and the South. We’re specialists in industrial and domestic cleaning equipment and are a preferred supplier to Hampshire County Council, Various NHS Trusts, and British Red Cross. As our company continues to grow, efficient fleet management becomes a necessity, that’s why they use Pregem Telematics.

“We always keep the monitors live at all times so we can see what’s happening minute by minute. All our vans are branded, and our drivers know full well that our brand is being judged when we’re on the road so  we always engage with our drivers to promote good habits behind the wheel.

It’s critical we can consistently see where our drivers are so that when we get an urgent call, we are always able to respond to the client with a nearly-exact ETA. We set high standards that our customers appreciate and we know we attract more business from this policy.

We use the system for time sheets, and start and finish times for drivers so we can monitor exactly who’s doing what. This helps to balance out their work schedules and there’s no longer quibbling about timings.

The system helps us to route around London Congestion zones and saves all unnecessary costs. Sat Nav often doesn’t help us so the route tracking system tells us exactly what to avoid and where we need to be.

Our drivers know that if they lose their licence they’ve lost their job, it’s as simple as that. We had a number of drivers who we had to ‘move on’ because they did not achieve our proven high standards which are extremely important to us.

Pregem Telematics helps them to promote good driving habits and reminds them that they need to be speed and safety conscious and considerate”.

Gary Marum, Technical Manager, Hooper Services. 

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