Great Places Housing Group running workforce more efficiently with Pregem Telematics


“ Pregem Telematics allows us to see immediately where every one of our vehicles is and to send the closest and best-equipped engineer for the job.”

Fleet Manager, Great Places Housing Group

fleetinsight, great places housing group imageIn a tough economic climate Pregem Telematics is enabling public sector organisations to deliver best value to stakeholders through overall service, quality and safety improvements at reduced cost.

Great Places Housing Group provide 16,000 homes and supported homes in 32 areas across the North West and Yorkshire. Since implementing Pregem Telematics in 2010 the organisation has seen some significant improvements to its fleet running costs along with an uplift in customer service.

Pregem Telematics is helping Great Places to optimise activity, reduce expenditure and enable better management of resources. The system enables the management of mobile workforce in real-time, supporting the management needs of employees who work across a range of trades and skills in a number of locations.

Geo-fencing and route planning modules have been proven to eliminate unnecessary or wasted journeys, optimise resource allocation and reduce fuel costs.

A senior manager from Great Places commented, “As most of our workload is highly reactive, it is important that we can rapidly deploy our engineers. Pregem Telematics allows us to see immediately where every one of our vehicles is and to send the closest and best-equipped engineer for the job.”

Rob Fountain,  Head of Pregem Telematics UK Sales says “We are continually enhancing our technology to offer the best system to our customers. By offering additional services including analysing data, or reviewing fleet management and road risk policy, we can help an organisation affect meaningful improvements, such as effective journey planning and driver improvement programmes, which increase levels of fleet service, efficiency and safety. We invest a great deal in development to ensure customers such as Great Places have the appropriate functionality and tools to meet their specific needs”.

A key part of environmental and road risk policy

With housing associations or public sector vehicle fleets, in-vehicle technology plays a key part in an organisation’s environmental management system. Pregem Telematics minimises impact on the environment by controlling and reducing fuel expenditure. Performance indicators can be measured using Pregem Telematics Eco-Impact reporting tools.

Pregem Telematics newly launched Fleet safety management audit is a work related road risk assessment designed to minimise road risk factors and instigate training regimes to ensure best practice among drivers. Over time, fleet managers will be able to quantify the reduction in claims, leading to lower insurance premiums.

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