Fleetinsight for Fleet Managers

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Are you in the dark about where your vehicles are?
Do you want the ability to build your own service, addressing your own priorities?
We are the eyes and ears you need.
Vehicle tracking

Fleetinsight will keep watch over your fleet and drivers providing you with:

  • real-time tracking
  • find nearest driver
  • timesheets and customer activity reports
  • geo-fence alerts (e.g. tolls & charging zones)
  • out of hours usage, and lots more.

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Cost management

In control of all your fleet expenses? Do you know where every single £ goes and why? Fleetinsight will help you analyse and drill down into your costs enabling you to take corrective action on:

  • poor route choice
  • harsh driving styles
  • excessive idling
  • unauthorised usage
  • short-term hire costs

Video Telematics

If you don’t have a professionally installed dash-cam in your vehicles, you’re missing the opportunity to:

  • combine video and tracking in a single device (only one install)
  • capture evidence defend and protect company and drivers
  • change driver behaviour for the better
  • provide real-time feedback on driving style to the driver
  • benefit from discounts some insurers are now offering

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Route efficiency

Are your drivers choosing longer routes than the optimum? This can be as much as 15-20% higher than the fleet average and will have a significant impact on costs. Identifying and improving driver route choice is easy with the analytics and reporting in Fleetinsight.

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Mileage expenses management

Are you still running a paper-based expenses system? Sure your mileage claims are 100% accurate?

Are you still handling piles of scruffy receipts?

Would you pass an HMRC inspection tomorrow?

Fleetmiles is an intuitive system that helps business to automate the tasks required to manage mileage claims and reduce mileage expenses.

Vehicle health and maintenance

A vehicle off the road for unplanned maintenance can be very expensive. Are you notified in advance about planned service dates, lease terms, lease mileage limits, MOT, insurance and tax due dates and a range of other triggers?
Fleetinsight helps you stay on top of vehicle maintenance.

Grey Fleet

If you operate grey fleet vehicles, are you fulfilling your duty of care and obligations by:

  • identifying and managing high risk drivers
  • ensuring vehicles are legal, roadworthy, taxed and insured for business
  • capturing business mileage accurately

Driver behaviour

Do you know who your high-risk drivers are and why? Are you taking steps to reduce these risks? Fleetinsight will help you identify poor performers and build a risk profile for each. Our optional driver training services will help you improve driving standards and enforce best practice across your business leading to:

  • fewer accidents
  • lower vehicle maintenance costs
  • improved insurance risk

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Set up your KPI’s in Fleetinsight and we’ll interpret the data and advise the practical actions you need to take.

Pregem partners with RoSPA to deliver fleet safety programmes. To find out more, contact us using the link below:

RoSPA and pregem partnership
Contact us now to discover how Pregem could bring real benefits to your business operations, or alternatively, you can talk to one of our customer services team on 01420 544 514.