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With gigabytes of fleet finance data captured by most telematics systems, there can can be big savings for those able to drill down and analyse this.
The problem for many organisations is not lack of data, but the time and resource to interpret it and take follow up actions.

Mileage Expenses

Are you still running a paper-based expenses system? Are your mileage claims 100% accurate? Are you still handling piles of scruffy receipts? Would you pass an HMRC inspection tomorrow?

Reducing mileage expenses and managing driver claims in compliance with HMRC rules should be both simple and seamless.  The Fleetmiles expenses system provides:

  • full expense analytics
  • HMRC compliant records
  • support for VAT re-claims
  • data integration with other financial systems
  • built-in approvals workflow
  • suite of management and driver reports
  • fuel card integration

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Driver and vehicle performance

Do you know who your worst performing drivers are? According to the AA, some drivers can get 70,000 miles from a set of brake pads while others manage as few as 25,000. Harsh driving styles add significantly to your vehicle maintenance costs.

Are you taking steps to reduce these costs? Fleetinsight will identify poor performers and build a behaviour profile for each. Our driver training services can help improve driving standards and best practice across your business leading to:

  • lower vehicle maintenance costs
  • fewer accident related costs
  • improved insurance premiums

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Camera Systems

Equipping a car, van or HGV fleet with our combined dash-cam and tracking device will provide admissible evidence to defend against spurious claims and 50-50 settlements. Our dash-cams also provide feedback to drivers for speeding and harsh braking.

Over a two to three year insurance cycle your claims ratio should fall enabling you to negotiate better terms with your insurer.

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Fleetinsight route planning and reporting Route efficiency

Drivers that consistently choose longer routes than the optimum will have a significant impact on cost. This can often be as much as 15-20% higher than the fleet average. Identifying and managing improvements with drivers is an easy with the analytics and reporting found in Fleetinsight.

Custom reports

Because one size doesn’t always fit, we designed Fleetinsight to be easily customisable. If you need special reports, a KPI dashboard or other business intelligence tools the answer’s yes. Call today and see what we can do for you.

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