Fleetinsight electric vehicle fleet image

Fruit 4 London, a fruit delivery company based in East London, have become the first electric vehicle fleet in the UK to implement Fleetinsight plug & play Telematics.

Fleetinsight Keeps EV fleet deliveries on track
Fruit 4 London specialises in the delivery of fresh fruit to offices and private customers around the central London area running a fleet of EV’s which are used for multiple journeys between 5am and 11am, the vans are driven by more than one driver and cover up to 12,000 miles per year.
The company recognised that efficient route scheduling would play a pivotal role in ensuring that their drivers were able to drive any vehicle on any route on a daily basis. Fleetinsight allows drivers to access accurate information about shared and unfamiliar routes, enabling them to keep to tight delivery schedules. Optimising routes has reduced journey times and also enabled Fruit 4 London to operate a small and flexible workforce to maximise productivity of their electric fleet.

The time is ripe for green vehicles
Fruit 4 London worked with the Energy Saving Trust to establish whether there was a viable business case to go 100% electric. The life cost analysis shows that lower running costs, 100% capital allowances, the plug-in vehicle grant and no congestion charge in London for EV’s all add up to make them far more cost effective than a diesel equivalent for Fruit 4 London. Fleetinsight’s compatibility with EV’s would also help to maximise vehicle efficiency, reduce journey times and improve delivery.

Driver behaviour helping to maximise battery efficiency

Fleetinsight has allowed Fruit 4 London to monitor the running costs of the vehicles through driver behaviour analysis, ensuring that future cost savings will be even greater. Harsh breaking and excessive speed are driving styles that have an impact on battery performance. Fleetinsight’s reporting features are helping Fruit 4 London to identify and modify driver behaviour to optimise battery usage wherever these situations exist.

Locating vehicles to improve customer service
With numerous time-sensitive deliveries all over London, it is key for Fruit 4 London to be able to pinpoint where each vehicle is at any time of the day. Geo-fencing and Points of Interest (POI) features give Instant notification when vehicles arrive at and leave a destination and allows the fleet manager to re-route a vehicle if necessary. This helps to maintain delivery times and improve
customer service.

On the road to success
“At Fruit 4 London we aim to find innovative and sustainable solutions to help us improve our operations and provide the best service for our customers. After taking part in Energy Saving Trust’s Plugged-in Fleets Initiative and by installing Fleetinsight to measure and monitor the fleet, we now know that it’s been the best business decision to go 100% electric. The impressive cost savings that we have experienced has allowed us to expand our fleet and offer more competitive pricing to our customers.”
Gabor Doroghazi, Marketing Director, Fruit 4 London.

Fleetinsight comes with everything your business needs to help you better manage your fleet of vehicles and drivers. To find out more about Fleetinsight for Electric Vehicles call our support team on 01420 544514 to discover how our expertise could bring real benefits to your business operations.