You don’t need a vehicle tracking system!

fleetinsight vehicle tracking blogLet me qualify that, a vehicle tracking system on its own is useless although there are plenty of suppliers’ ready to sign you up, stick a box in your vehicles and see you again in three years time.

Whenever we speak to companies that tell us they want a tracking system, we always probe a little deeper and ask questions like “Do you want to reduce vehicle maintenance costs, or cut down your rate of accidents or improve vehicle utilisation?” The answer unsurprisingly is always yes.

More worryingly, we sometimes hear the same from companies who already have tracking in place but have not been able to realise the promised benefits.

A word of caution here, a vehicle tracking system (the technology bit) is unlikely to bring improvements on its own. The sheer volume of data captured by such systems has to be interpreted and presented back at the right level to become useful information. It should relate directly to the KPIs of the fleet managers, enabling them to take appropriate action.

The best industry ROIs from telematics are achieved by the companies that understand technology alone can only go so far. They involve their people and look at the processes too. Very importantly, they engage fully with the drivers, taking them on the same journey. Then the magic really does start to happen.