Do you know how much time your employees spend doing their expenses? Or how much time your company spends processing them?

fleetmiles savings image• On average an employee spends around 3 hours per month manually compiling an expenses claim.

• For someone on an average salary of £35,000 p.a. with a company car, that’s a cost to the company of £910 per year per employee.

• Add to this the cost of processing and approval, and costs can really start to stack up.

Fleetmiles will reduce the cost of processing these expenses by up to 80%.

Use the Fleetmiles Calculator to see how.

The Fleetmiles system will help you to achieve these savings. In fact, the system is so accurate, we guarantee you’ll capture 100% of all your journeys.

With Fleetmiles, expense information is automatically captured ensuring proper records are kept.

No journeys are missed, every receipt is recorded and the process is completely automatic. There’s nothing to fill in on a spreadsheet, there’s no dongle to pull out of the vehicle, there’s nothing to plug into a laptop. Automating expenses with Fleetmiles eliminates mistakes and fraud, saves the company money and keeps you on the right side of HMRC.

Start saving today! Contact the Fleetmiles team today to find out more to arrange an online demo 01420 54414